Terraform - EMR Elastigroup Clusters




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    Yosef Tavin (Edited )

    Using this .tf file and just changing to my params, subnets etc.

    When running terraform init works fine and loads the spotinst plugin, but when running command: terraform plan

    I get the below error: 

    Error: spotinst_mrscaler.example-scaler-1: Provider doesn't support resource: spotinst_mrscaler

    Was there any changes in the terraform plugin?

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    Yosef Tavin

    Can't see any mrscaler key here

    Is this why it's failing?

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    Yosef Tavin

    Seems the solution is to use the up to date Spotinst provider available on Github which has the spotinst_mrscaler functionality as the regular provider on Terraform official Github is a few versions back.

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