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    Note: we just discovered defining a private IP prevents the instance from being a Spot - it remains On-Demand.

    Perhaps implementing the private IP persistence via an extra interface (like you do for EBS) would allow private IP for spots?

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    Rom Hirsh (Edited )

    Hi Erez :) Thanks for reaching out!

    I want to help and clarify how setting a private IP will affect the Elastigroup and the instance lifecycle. 

    Using a private IP does not mean that you will have on-demand it means that we will not replace the EC2 type.

    When we set a private IP for the Elastigroup - we are binding the IP to the instance. Meaning that the private IP that you choose will be unavailable while the instance is running. This means that we will not be able to create a graceful replacement or deployment as we will not be able to launch an instance while the IP is in use. 


    If the Elastigorup is running an On-Demand instance - we will not replace it automatically as that would mean terminating the instance and waiting for the IP to become available prior to launching the replacement (Spot instance).

    I hope this help to clarify the use of private IPs in Elastigorups.

    Also - feel free to head over to our community for further discussions 

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