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    Christopher Nielsen

    It is unclear how the following resources interact.

    • hot_ebs_volume
    • ebs_block_device
    • persistence

    For instance, if I am constructing a Cassandra cluster, and on node failure, I would like replacements to use the same EBS volumes as the terminated node, which, if any of the following should I do?

    1. Define ebs_block_device resources, then set persistence attributes to true.
    2. Create ebs volumes for all nodes, then define hot_ebs_volume entries, for them, and set persistence attributes to true.


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    Rom Hirsh (Edited )

    Hi Christopher,

    Thanks for bringing up these questions :) Perhaps checking out these articles will help to better understand the usage of the stateful feature

    As a quick clarification: 

    * Hot EBS Volumes - works as a "Group" pool of volumes that will be attached to an instance and will support cross AZ migration of the volumes. 

    * Persistence (stateful) - works by keeping each specific instances volume and root device to maintain a specific state, no need to supply a list of volumes.

    Specifically while using thePersistence (stateful) feature (option 1 as per your comment), if your Cassandra node is replaced we’ll clone the instance and bring it back. Your Cassandra cluster will behave as if the instance was down for some time. Bringing up a clone of the previous instance ensures that cluster IOPs are not wasted on bringing a new instance up.

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    Mike McMahon

    I am a little confused about the "roll_config" option, I am currently using terraform 0.9.11; however, it is complaining that this is not a valid configuration. Which version of terraform is required? 

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    Mike McMahon

    Thanks Rom,  I guess something I'd be more interested in knowing is if there are plans when the next version of TF is released that it will come pre-bundled?  Having to manage multiple plugins across our developers isn't something we're too particularly interested in at this time.  Though something we can definitely do, just trying to keep complexities on our end simplified (and avoid a situation where we accidentally lock ourselves into a specific version of a plugin) . 

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    Rom Hirsh

    Hi Mike,

    We are working with Hasi Corp to include the latest releases into the main release of Terraform. Our release cycle is much faster and as such, there is a period where we will move ahead with version and sync as the Terraform version is released.

    As a general good practice, you should use the main release unless you have a missing feature or capability.

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    Yosef Tavin

    works great!

    One little hitch, the Windows download link for version 10.7 doesn't work.

    Ended up using Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, worked with Terraform v0.11.0 and the linux binary v0.10.7

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    Rom Hirsh

    Hi Yosef!


    Thanks for letting us know! the link is fixed now.

    Have a great day!

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    Isaac Graf (Edited )

    Hi, I find that if I change capacity parameters in my spotinst_aws_group resource, terraform does not pick up the change. When I run terraform plan it says that Infrastructure is up to date, even though I changed the values of target, minumum, and maximum under capacity.

    Do you know what I could be doing wrong?

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